Källförteckning till islamiseringsvideon

The migration board is discovering that all the more terrorists and war criminals are seeking asylum in Sweden, pretending to be refugees in order to escape punishment. Thus far in 2015 the migration board has submitted 363 cases to the swedish national security police. In all of 2014 they only submitted 109. 

In 2008 a swede was fired from a managerial position for supporting the state of Israel on Facebook. The migration board didn't think this was objective of him as an employee. And it wasn't until a year after he managed to get his job back, after he took it to court and won. http://www.dagen.se/migrationsverket-%C3%A4ndrar-sig-sparkad-israelv%C3%A4n-%C3%A5teranst%C3%A4lls-1.172258

In 2010 the migration board investigated an employee who was suspected of saying something racist on facebook. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=3822966

We live in a country where Sweden Democrats aren't allowed to work as teachers, aren't allowed to be active in the union. This despite the fact that they're the third biggest party in parliament.
2011. The wife of an islamist was working as a migration judge at the migration board. She has previously backed her husbands proposal to enforce parts of sharia law in Sweden. She denied asylum to three christian converts.
After a foreign student denied the holocaust during a class, the TEACHER was the one who was disciplined for arguing against him.

The antiracist movement in Sweden is very fond of fighting injustice against muslims but doesn't really give a shit about antisemitism. 

There is this other case where two christian refugee families were forced to move from an asylum house because they were being harassed by hostile muslim radicals who were living there.

You're not allowed to deport someone if they're at risk for torture or death sentence in their home countries. Even if you're suspected of terror crimes in Iraq, you can't be deported to Iraq, because you might be punished for your crimes. http://www.svt.se/nyheter/regionalt/ost/fler-misstankta-krigsforbrytare-stoppas
Put simply: If the 363 cases of suspected ISIS-terrorists would be confirmed as terrorists, Sweden still wouldn't be allowed to deport them. Because Syria is a conflict zone, and apparently it's against human rights to deport someone to a conflict zone. http://nyheteridag.se/sapo-bekraftar-asylsokande-is-terrorister-far-stanna-i-sverige-dussintals-varje-ar/

Two restaurants in Gothenburg owned by christian assyrians were covered by ISIS-graffitti. http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/restaurangagare-hotades-med-is-budskap-konvertera-eller-do/

At an asylum house in west norrland one of the asylum seekers told staff that there's ISIS-members living there, pretending to be refugees

Islamic state supporters in Sweden are threatening christian immigrants, moderate muslims, kurds and politicans who speak out against radicalization. This is happening in different towns all over the country. Some people are actually moving away because of this. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=87&artikel=6190897
The segregated suburbs of Sweden are being radicalized. There are sharia-police walking around telling women, both young and old, how to dress, that they deserve to die if they don't wear hijab, that swedish food is haram, where to buy their food. They're saying that they can't sit at a café without the company of a man. This is textbook islamization. When a religion becomes the ruling force in society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DJnQOoqGbI

Those who have pointed out the problem have been branded as racist and islamophobic. Even the highly esteemed public service TV-show Uppdrag Granskning, which investigates various types of corruption, were accused of racism when they examined the most influential mosques in Sweden.

Congregations are given funding only if they agree to promote basic swedish values such as equality, and working against discrimination and brutality. Despite this, when they did a follow-up episode to see what had happened since the disclosure, they found out that none of the mosques had lost their funding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPIYkXZm7-4
A report from 2015 by the same TV show showed how one federation claiming to focus on culture and sports, saying that their goal was to help juvenile delinquents, were actually running a mosque where ISIS-supporters held lectures. 

The city of Gothenburg alone has produced more ISIS-jihadists than all of America. Yet it wasn't until the spring of 2015 Gothenburg assigned coordinators to work against violent extremism, and that was the first time it happened in Sweden. Granted, we did assign Mona Sahlin as a NATIONAL coordinator against terrorism in the summer of 2014, but all she's managed to accomplish in a year is a fucking hotline for the jihadists relatives. This is lethal neglect by our authorities.
Sweden has the most jihadists in all of scandinavia, and the least legislations against terrorism. If the national security police suspects someone is going to join ISIS they can just give them a phonecall, they aren't legally allowed to do more. http://www.svt.se/ug/sapo-ring-oss-innan-du-aker
In 2009, 416'000 crowns in tax funding was given to Swedens Imam Federation to help them decrease islamophobia and racism in society. Part of this project was to create a website with factual information about islam that could help build bridges between muslims and non-muslims. Considering that, it's pretty funny that the website ended up saying that it's forbidden for muslims to become friends with non-muslims, and that homosexuality should be punished by death. This is just a few insane guidelines of many that were posted on the website.

The mosque in Gothenburg is handing out pamphlets saying that it's alright to beat your wife as long as it doesn't leave marks on her body. 

There are Dawah-missionaries standing in the middle of a Swedish town spreading the teachings of Salafism, an interpretation of islam that wants to abolish democracy. http://www.gd.se/gastrikland/gavle/gavles-moske-vill-sprida-extrem-tolkning-av-islam 

And when public service media write about them, they present them as an innocent group just trying to clear up misunderstandings, completely unaware of what interpretation of Islam they stand for.

This guy is the chairman of the Islamic Federation in Sweden. An organisation that belongs to the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, an umbrella organisation considered to be part of the muslim brotherhood. I don't think I have to explain to you what kind of movement the Muslim Brotherhood is.

Mustafa was asked to resign from the Social Democrats, and chose to do so himself, saying: “The party management is of the opinion that you can't unite working for the party and working for the muslim community. This is a frightening signal to muslims and religious social democrats.”

Yeah, because you're such a GREAT representative for muslims, dude, totally. You know what's funny tho? Before he got elected, a female social democrat warned against it because she knew of his suspicious character. The party replied by forbidding her to run as a candidate for parliament and calling her islamophobic. Oh boy.

Mustafa is the current chairman for the Islamic Federation. The guy who was chairman before him is Abdirizak Waberi. This guy sat in the Swedish government for 4 years as a deputy for military defence. The right-wing Moderate Party put him in charge of matters concerning national security from 2010 until 2014 when they lost power. This is some of the things he's said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNDeeoUNvAk
Trademark islamisation. Ignorant politicians thinking that they're catering to muslims when in reality they're just catering to the loud minority of islamists.
Our current minister of housing, Mehmet Kaplan who belongs to the Green Party, has attended a meeting by a controversial islamist organization called Milli Görüs”. http://nyheteridag.se/har-haller-mehmet-kaplan-tal-med-terrormisstankt-islamistisk-organisation/
None of the mainstream media outlets reported about this.

Kaplan once said that the reason young people are joining the Islamic State is because Europe is so islamophobic, and that the solution to the problem would be state funding to all mosques in Europe so they can discourage the recruiting to the Islamic State.
For several years he sat on the board for the organization Charta 2008, who fight for softer laws on terrorism and defend convicted terrorists. This is the swedish equivalent to the UK-based organisation Cage. And Kaplan himself has once upon a time demanded permanent residence for an imam convicted of terror crime.

Aaaaaand he has compared people who join the Islamic State to Swedish volunteers who helped Finland during the finnish winter war. For those of you who are not aware, in 1939 the Soviet Union invaded Finland and tried taking it over by force. Almost 9000 Swedes volunteered to help.

But you know what the worst part is? Nobody cares. The massmedia isn't asking this guy critical questions, journalists aren't interrogating him.
The Green Party isn't doing anything either, they haven't kicked this guy out of the party.

This woman is a secular muslim. Her name is Nalin Pekgul.
She arranged meetings in the ghetto Tensta in 2010 and the purpose of these meetings was to show muslims that there's different ways to interpret Islam and to get muslims talking with each other, to increase tolerance and become more open-minded. The seminars were successful and different types of muslims showed up and listened to each other with respect, even though they had differing opinions. But all that positive conversation climate changed when Young Muslims of Sweden and The Muslim Committee for human rights started attending the meetings. They disrupted speakers, called a muslim woman idiot and accused muslims who disagreed with them of being islamophobic. So they started having counter-meetings where men and women sat seperately, and accused Nalin Pekgul of being a racist Sweden Democrat who spits on muslims.

When this woman, Sakine, wrote an article some years later talking about how problematic it is that undercover-islamist organisations are allowed to speak for muslims in the public debate, she brought up these meetings as examples. And the reply she got from Rashid was basically that she is a house nigger. He said that she's just “seeking the acceptance of whiteness” by trying to make a distinction between good muslims and bad muslims. http://ungamuslimer.se/sakine-madon-borde-tacka-sum/

According to PEW research center there's 430'000 muslims in Sweden. But most of these are about as religious as swedish people are christian. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/01/15/5-facts-about-the-muslim-population-in-europe/
Out of these, only 110'000 are religious enough to attend a congregation.
And only 25'000 are practising muslims in the sense that they attend friday prayer, and pray five times a day. http://www.sydsvenskan.se/sverige/djup-splittring-bland-malmos-muslimer/

That's not a whole lot of people. And these so called representatives aren't even chosen representatives. Many muslims don't even know who these people are and who they're being represented by. Most muslims just want to have ordinary lives. They do not want this islamization. They don't want to live in a theocracy, they want to live in a democracy.

However, there are also those who come to countries like Sweden in order to change them. Saudi-Arabia is guilty of this.
This man is a secular muslim who used to be an islamist, he's been very active in swedish mosques and muslim gatherings in general, and he agrees with this notion: Wahhabists are in control of several major mosques in Sweden.

We have muslims in Sweden demanding special rights and trying to impose their religion unto society.
The right to gender-segregated bath-houses.
The right to wear long sleeves when you're working in dental hygiene, even though the board of hygiene has ruled it unhygienic. 

The right to wear hijab to your job in healthcare, even though a secular society means that religion has no place in the public sector.

A politician from the Green Party suggested that the swimming hall in Botkyrka should have more days where men are forbidden to work or enter, and officials decided to proceed with her request.

And Swedish public service media dedicated a 20 minute debate as to whether or not this should be allowed. How fucking ridiculous is that?
Two of the biggest clothing companies in Sweden are incorporating religious articles of clothing as fashion now, with the excuse being that ”this is what sweden looks like nowadays. Our company is for EVERYONE.”  Funny enough, feminists are also defending the clothing companies decision in the name of multiculturalism.

Several bathhouses have started having seperate open hours for men and women, and some are even selling burqinis. And we get a fucking TV-debate where an immigrant woman is trying to explain to a swedish woman why this is unacceptable.

Do you think that foreign women have always lived covered up like that? Don't think for a second that society cannot evolve backwards. This is Iran in the 70s, once a progressive country.

This is what could happen when people don't understand the meaning of rights

We've had several cases over the past years where muslims refused to shake hands with female bosses or co-workers, lost their job after this persistent refusal to oblige to swedish customs, and then were given thousands in damages after suing for discrimination

When The People Party suggested that Sweden should sharpen their terror laws so that you can actually convict someone for joining the Islamic State, a man named Zakarias Zouhirclaimed that this is an attack on all muslims.

Do you remember the islamists wife who worked at the migration board and didn't wanna grant asylum to christians? She is, to this very day, active in the Center Party. Her islamist husband used to be active in the party. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Aldebe
The People Party had a candidate for parliament who went on TV and defended the muslim brotherhood.
And the social democrats have signed a contract with a suspected islamist organisation to get more muslims into politics.
This woman is a muslim. She has been called an islamophobe, a racist and a house nigger for speaking out against radical islam in Sweden. At one point she was engaged in the left party but she resigned her membership when she noticed that none of them were interested in the problems of immigrant women.

This woman is a left-wing politician and a very rare specimen: http://www.expressen.se/debatt/i-fororten-vaxer-mannens-diktatur/

When she spoke out against the radicalization in the ghettos, a Green Party member called her a racist http://www.expressen.se/debatt/hatkampanjen-mot-fororten-ar-rasistisk/

And her own party, the left party, merely implied that she was racist and said that the reason the religious radicalization is taking place is because of... capitalism. According to The Left Party, salafism and islamism is the result of privatizations and not religious ideology. http://www.expressen.se/ledare/patrik-kronqvist/iskallt-kvinnosvek-av-vansterpartiet/
Now, when it comes to miss Gadban, she recently wrote a book about her struggle to establish a liberal interpretation of Islam in Sweden. She talks about how islamists are winning ground in sweden and how politicians are helping them do it through cultural relativism. She also talks about the problem with radicals being held up as representatives.

So, put simply, this is a muslim woman who just wants to claim the right to her religion without having to become an islamist or fundamentalist. And for this, a white swedish social democrat called her a ”persecutor of muslims”. She also accused this muslim woman of not having written the book herself because it ”only serves the interests of liberal white men”.

This is Sweden in a fucking nutshell. When a muslim shows up with a secular worldview, advocating a modern view on womens rights, criticizing the radicals, she is ridiculed and persecuted by left-wingers and radical feminists who think that she's being racist.

I watched an interview with Hanna Gadban by public service media and I've NEVER seen a muslim become as interrogated as when she tried to describe what's happening in the ghettos and how narrow the debate climate is in Sweden. They even went so far as to ask: ”Well hey, can't you just ignore the sharia police telling you how to dress?”



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